With 16 years of experience in this industry we can help you with your individual income taxes.
Many of your life events can affects your Individual Income Taxes, School, Jobs, Marriage, Children, Buying a Home, Job Promotions, Investments, even opening a Small Business on the side. One thing we have learned is the it pays to be prepared for the unforeseen future; circumstance can arise that can affect your personal taxes.

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• Family
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• Finances

Individual Income Tax is an important tool for economic and financial decisions. Taxes are used for immigration, buying a house, obtaining a loan, buying a car, getting a student loan, etc.

Here is where the consulting starts

Why do I file Taxes?… It’s the law.

Our experience consulting on this subject has been related to withholdings, investment, estimating taxes, self-employment income taxes, and social security, retirement, etc

Self-employed ventures will be discussed in the Business Consulting section of this website.

• We file Federal and State Individual Income Taxes for all states!
• Estimates are FREE.
• It is the first time working with us, great no problem. We will meet, discuss and share your information and status.
• The forms that we usually get from customers are W2, 1099 miscellaneous, 1099 K, 1099 int, 1099 Div, 1099 G, 1098 Int., 1095, etc.
• The forms we will file include 1040, Schedules A, B, D, 1, ACA worksheet, etc.
• Some customer pushes their limits and has other sources of income as self-employed and rental properties will file Schedule C Profit and loss. Will all source of income and all expenses. If they are not organized we can help you with a fee. Same with your rental property all rental income you received and all expenses generate venture are needed to file Schedule E.
• If you are self-employed we will help you file forms 1096 and 1099 miscellaneous for the contractors you might have used.
• Any other special cases are welcome for complicated they are, will asset the possibility to help since they are not common cases.
• We e-file your Income Taxes and if the result is a refund we direct deposit yours into your personal bank account.
• We have been using Taxwise tax software for more than 16 years. https://taxna.wolterskluwer.com/
• Each year we get updated taking 15 CPE minimum
• Our job is not finished when we file the taxes and get acknowledgments from the IRS and states. We stand behind our work. We help the customer with any letters received from IRS https://www.irs.gov/ or states.
• We help you to track the status of your refunds, help you pay your taxes or setup payment plans. We will also estimate and pay estimated taxes, and revise your withholding to narrow the damage at the time you file taxes and be short if you owe money.
Contact us today and be ready for when tax season begins