Our Mission and Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer tax solutions for individuals and businesses, combined with personalized guidance to help you to lower the stress of a tax preparation.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to take the stress out of your tax preparation. We will address your concerns in a professional manner.


Alain A. Borthayre is designated as a registered tax-return preparer by the Internal Revenue Service and is a Notary Public for North Carolina.

Our Services:

  • Offer guidance on tax compliance and prevention of compliance issues in the future.
  • Assist with North Carolina State tax returns and all other State and Federal compliance matters for LLC, S Corp, and C Corp businesses.
  • Plan, design, and implement financial accounting systems for start-ups and small businesses.
  • We work with TaxWise and QuickBooks but can quickly adapt to other software as necessary.
  • Income and Business Tax Preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Translations
  • Individual and Small Business Consulting
  • Notary Public

How We Serve You:

  • Analyze, organize, and structure individual, contractor, and small-business financial data for compliance with current Federal tax codes and timely filing of appropriate returns.
  • Research various provisions of the prevailing tax codes and their interpretation as applicable in individual cases, such as for contractors, Profit or Loss from business (Schedule C), and Self-Employment Tax.
  • Navigate past escalated tax issues for amicable resolution with the IRS and assist clients in planning appropriate compliance steps and prevention of future compliance issues.


*** All services are offered in English, Spanish, and French ***

*** Ofrecemos todos nuestros servicios en Ingles y al igual que en Espanol ***

*** Nous offrons nos services en Anglais comme en Francais ***