Through the years we have met and helped all sorts of entrepreneurs who wanted to change and build their own path. Some business owners created appropriate plans, made smart decisions, and had the courage to take the difficult next steps to better their futures, while others failed for different reasons. In my experience, I’ve noticed that people often confuse the structure of the Business with the Business/Opportunity itself.

Some entrepreneurs believe that organizing the company, finding a nice office, and filling it with all the required technology and equipment will secure their success. However, before taking this risk, it is best to talk about the Business/Opportunity.

Here I focus on a back-and-forth conversation about your products and services, pricing structure, delivery options, and promotion. Once we examine all the details, we will have a better idea of the steps we need to implement.

Having the right information can help you choose the correct setup for your DBA, single-member LLC, LLC, or Small Corporation. We have helped customers establish their EIN and Secretary of State numbers, file business taxes, and prepare yearly reports and payments. With years of experience under our belts, we can offer bookkeeping services for all your small-business needs.


Here’s what you need to know about Family Tax bookkeeping services:

  • We use QuickBooks Pro and Online
  • You will receive your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet during the first week of every month
  • We work faster and with maximum efficiency when clients grant access to their business accounts and are in constant communication
  • Our price varies based on the number of transactions and expenses